• <b>Preserving Rancho del Cielo</b>

    Preserving Rancho del Cielo

    Celebrating 20 Years

    On April 21, 1998, Young America’s Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo, preserving the ‘Western White House’ ever since as a lasting monument to the accomplishments and ideas of our 40th President.

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  • <strong>A centerpiece</strong><br />for student<br />programs.

    A centerpiece
    for student

    Ronald Reagan

    The Ranch reflects the endless vistas of freedom and possibilities that Reagan considered the fundamental elements of the American experience.

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  • <strong>A monument</strong><br /> of Reagan's <br /> accomplishments.

    A monument
    of Reagan's

    Ronald Reagan

    There is no better place to understand Reagan’s principles, and his practical, down-to-earth manner, than at Rancho del Cielo.

    Explore the Ranch

UPDATE: The new gallery hours are on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m.

A New Dawn Ahead

Ronald Reagan said of his beloved Santa Barbara, California ranch, “No place before or since has ever given Nancy and me the joy and serenity it does.”  President Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo, his home for nearly twenty-five years and the Western White House for eight, is a window into the soul of Ronald Reagan. But what if the Reagan Ranch had been lost? Future generations would have been robbed of the chance to visit the Ranch and “meet” the real Ronald Reagan.

Virtual Tour

Have a virtual tour of over twenty different locations around the Reagan Ranch.


See upcoming events and where to join the largest conservative student out reach organization.


View the history of the Western White House and the significant role it played throughout time.


See the timeline of Rancho del Cielo and the major events that took place during Reagan’s Presidency.


Interactive exhibits highlight the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan during his time at the ranch.


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Quick Tour

Reagan’s Ranch

View the private living space of the Reagan family. A space shared with only their closest friends. 

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Reagan’s Private Living Room

View the private living space of the Reagan family. A space shared with only their closest friends. 

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Lake Lucky

View the beautiful lake that Reagan hand-lined behind his beloved ranch. 

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The Tack Barn

Outside of the home, Reagan loved spending time in the tack barn. 

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Heart Rock

See a sign of the love that Ron had for Nancy at this special place on their ranch. 

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Grazing Pasture

The Reagan’s always cherished watching the views that the home gave them of their horses in the pasture. 

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Points of Interest

So Much To See

Rancho del Cielo has so much to offer. From the Freedom Wall to Valley Vista, the “Western White House” is not only beautiful but has played a historically significant role throughout the entirety of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency. Take the Virtual Tour and see over fifteen different locations scattered through out the 688-acre Reagan Ranch.


Lake Lucky

Enchanting Lake Lucky was home to “Tru Luv”, the canoe President Reagan gave Nancy in 1977 on their 25th wedding anniversary.

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The Ranch Home

The 1872 adobe home where the historic tax cut table is located, and the side lawn where the Reagans entertained friends and family.

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Freedom Wall

Future generations will have the opportunity to recognize the Americans who have given generously to ensure that the Ranch is preserved.

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