Dear Friends,

You may have learned by now that a dangerous, growing wildfire is threatening Rancho del Cielo, President Reagan’s ranch. We want to give you an update.

Since 1998, Young America’s Foundation has preserved and protected this historic, national treasure. Rancho del Cielo was President and Mrs. Reagan’s home for nearly 25 years. It was the only home owned while he served as President. He spent nearly one full year of his entire Presidency at the Ranch.

This week, the 688-acre Presidential property has faced its greatest threat from the Alisal Fire, which began on October 11 on the ridge above the nearby Alisal Reservoir. So far, it has covered some 16,000 acres. The federal government has come in to manage the efforts to fight the blaze.

We, at Young America’s Foundation, are extremely grateful for the emergency crews and YAF staff working tirelessly to protect the Reagan Ranch and all structures impacted by the Alisal Fire. We pray for their safety.

Over the years—with the help and leadership of our supporters, staff, and board members—we have taken extraordinary steps to shield Rancho del Cielo from this very threat.

Protecting the Reagan Ranch from the threat of wildfire has been a top priority of our Board of Directors, the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors, and our entire team.

We have confidence that our staff and the emergency crews will do everything they can to protect Rancho del Cielo and the surrounding area.

To date, the Reagan Ranch structures, including the main adobe home, tack barn, and Secret Service command post, remain in defensible positions. They are protected from this fire because our generous supporters have provided extraordinary resources for this very moment.

Based on what our team and emergency crews have already observed, however, we know that much work and great expense will be required to restore YAF’s Reagan Ranch and surrounding properties owned by YAF from the damages caused by this fire and the aggressive, landscape-altering work done to protect the Ranch. Authorities say that the fire and the subsequent clean-up could continue for months.   

YAF is blessed by the generous support of hundreds of thousands of Americans who have stepped forward to support the Reagan Ranch project for more than 23 years.

We are asking for your continued support as we work to protect and restore the beautiful land that President Reagan cherished.

To make a tax-deductible donation to help protect the Reagan Ranch, please click here.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and prayers as we work to preserve and protect President Reagan’s Rancho del Cielo.


Governor Scott Walker
President, Young America’s Foundation